Freelance marketing consultant

Understand your consumer better - engage with tailored value - sell more and/or reduce costs

What are your needs?

When transforming a company towards a future proof digital speedboat, the needs can vary, depending on your status.

Digital audit

Auditing the design and effect of the current channels offers several advantages. Not only does it map the pain points of the current set-up of the strategies, it also offers interesting insights into the behavior of your target group.

Start with a zero measurement to know where to go.

Online strategy

Digital marketing without a correct strategy is rarely successful. Problems with your digital marketing and need for a strategically applicable plan? I like to help you in your process towards a successful online marketing strategy.

Google Ads & CPC advertising

Does your SEA campaign not give the desired result yet? Too low ROI, too few conversions, too high costs per conversion? Request a scan of your account and let me manage and optimize your campaigns. Or start from scratch.

Google Analytics

The correct implementation and interpretation of Google Analytics on a website is vital for the quality of your online marketing decisions. Let me do your check or implementation to be sure of your own data.

Social media advertising

Social media are omnipresent. Which channel do you prefer now and when does the channel fit in the purchase tunnel? What message, which image, ... Let me help you with the design of your social media campaigns.

Digital bootcamp/training

Do you have some knowledge in house, or no knowledge at all? Would you like to grow in Digital Marketing and become a consumer centric company?

Request a training tailored to your size!

Content marketing & SEO

Making sure your website is picked up by search engines for the most important keywords is the basic of a successful online business. Content marketing plays an important role in this process.

Web development

A digital strategy starts with a performing website. Implementing SEO as well as persuasive techniques from Cialdini to convince your users to convert as seamless as possible.

Drone rental

Also the renting of drones without a pilot is a service. For more information, click on